When you’re reaching for a healthy snack and a drink to go along with it, you could be doing more harm than good. Some popular drinks may seem “healthy” or “not as bad” for you, but in reality they may be destroying your tooth enamel worse than what you actually thought was possible.

Here are our top contenders:

Sports Drinkssports drink
If you’re an athlete or have a child that is, chances are you probably keep some type of sports drink on hand to rehydrate with. Even if you eat great, work out regularly and have great home care, consuming sports drinks can cause worse tooth decay than any other type of drink that you may be familiar with. Consider rehydrating with water instead, and limiting the sports drinks you have on a regular basis.

diet cokeDiet Soda
Sure, you may be saving yourself from a few extra calories, but the artificial sweeteners in diet soda may actually cause more cavities than regular soda. How? Because the acid levels are just as bad, even though it’s not the same type of sugar inside of the drink.

Milkbaby milk
It’s true that milk does a body good, but if you let your child sip on it for hours at a time, that milk starts coating the teeth and feeding the bacteria with natural sugars, creating acids. “Baby bottle tooth decay” can quickly erode your child’s smile and give them extensive cavities that require intensive care to prevent damage to the permanent teeth below.

Stick to drinking tap water as frequently as possible between your meals. Water lubricates your teeth, washes away bacteria, and contains fluoride to keep your smile strong. If you do decide to splurge on a sweet drink every now and then, rinse with water really well afterward to limit the impact that it has on your smile.

drink water

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