Snacking smart can keep you feeling fuller, longer throughout the day. It can also make your smile healthier! Here are a few smart snacks that you can keep on hand and feel guilt-free about while you’re enjoying them:

CheeseGreat For Your Smile cheese
Recent research has shown that eating cheese can neutralize the acid levels inside of your mouth, reducing the effects that other types of food have against your tooth enamel. Some yogurts do the same thing, but aren’t as effective as hard cheeses.

Great For Your Smile produceFresh, Crispy Produce
Apples, carrots, and pears – just about anything that is hard and crispy is great for your teeth and gums. Chewing massages the gum tissues, stimulating them and providing added circulation which helps fight gingivitis. They also contain important nutrients that boost your immune system, increasing your ability to combat nutritional deficiencies that impact your smile.

PopcornGreat For Your Smile popcorn

Fibrous popcorn actually “cleanses” your teeth while you chew it, wiping away plaque biofilm as it is being eaten. Just be sure go keep some floss on hand, because most people tend to have a spot or two where popcorn hulls like to get stuck.

Great For Your Smile nuts and fishNuts and Fish
Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish and certain types of nuts boost your immune system and make it easier to combat conditions like periodontal disease. You can also take omega-3 as a supplement, but it’s best absorbed through original food sources.


No matter what you eat, there will be some type of bacterial acid produced following the meal or snack. To limit the amount of time that acid has on your teeth, eat at certain times of the day rather than snacking all day long. Instead of sitting down with a container of food, set out a specific portion size and eat it all at once.

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Great For Your Smile

Great For Your Smile