Child Knocks out A Tooth

Child Knocks out A Tooth

Child Knocks out A Tooth Baseball team

You are at your childs’ baseball game and god forbid, he gets hit in the face by a wild pitch (happens lot more often than you think).
You walk over to the bench to make sure they are O.K. and that’s when you realize…he is holding his front tooth in his hand. Here is something most people don’t know, but this is what you should do next: Put the tooth back in Socket…What, are you kidding me.?  Here’s how.Child Knocks out A Tooth shutterstock_140658223

Touch Only the Crown, Not the Root

By touching the crown area only, you greatly minimize potential injury to the tooth. The root can be easily injured, since it does not have a protective enamel coating.Child Knocks out A Tooth shutterstock_24392380

Just Rinse, Do Not Scrub

Only rinse the tooth with water or milk to eliminate any debris. Scrubbing the tooth clean could lead to further injury and cause the tooth more damage.

Put Tooth Back In Socket

If possible, immediately put the tooth back in the socket. Have your son or daughter hold the tooth in place by gently biting down on gauze or simply hold tooth in place with fingers. This will give the tooth the best chance to reattach and survive.

Keep Tooth Moist

If you can’t put it back into the socket, the tooth needs to stay moist. A great family dentist will say,you can do this by either using a kit from your local pharmacy, placing it milk, or by placing the tooth along your own cheek in your mouth. DO NOT USE WATER. Prolonged water contact can hurt the tooth and cause it to fail.

See Your Dentist

Call your local dentist. It is best to see your dentist within 30 minutes of the trauma. This allows for best results. For more information don’t hesitate to call your dentist to find out how you should react in common emergency situations.

Child Knocks out A Tooth shutterstock_165661574