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29 03, 2017

Early Consultation With The Orthodontist!

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Perhaps you remember visiting to the orthodontist as a teenager, having brackets and wire attached, or going back to have them tightened. If you are waiting till the teenage years to take your child for an orthodontic consultation, you might be waiting too long. The [...]

10 03, 2017

Caring for Elderly Patients’ Smiles

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The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published the draft of a new standard they'd like to see adopted by hospitals and residential homes across England. This standard would mandate early assessment of the residents' health and ensure that plans and support are [...]

1 03, 2017

Oral Health: Could An Infected Tooth Kill You?

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Can an infected tooth kill you ? You might not think that visiting the dentist is a matter of life or death, but it could be. It might surprise you, but your dental health can have a definite impact on your overall well being. In [...]