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3 Steps to Take if You Break a Tooth

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What should you do if you break a tooth? Dental emergencies like a broken tooth or chipped teeth need to be addressed quickly. Knowing the right steps to take can mean the difference in saving your tooth or losing it

Here are 3 things you need to know:

Find Your Broken Tooth

If possible, locate your broken. tooth fragment. Whether it is the entire tooth or a large chipBroken Tooth seda dental teeth 10153, this is an extremely important step, as it may be possible to use the natural tooth fragment to repair your tooth. The larger the piece is, the more important it is to find it. If the damage is very small, say, 1-2mm and is only a sliver of enamel – then finding the chipped area is not as important.

Store it Properly
Proper storage will determine whether or not the fractured or avulsed tooth can be repaired. The first thing you should do is refrain from trying to clean the tooth fragment off. Scrubbing the tooth could damage microscopic fibers and structures that affect how easily it can be repaired. If the tooth is covered in dirt, you can gently rinse it with tap water, but do not rub it clean.

Place the tooth fragment into a cup of milk or saline solution. Use tap water only as a last resort to keep the enamel hydrated.

Broken Tooth seda dental teeth 10156Seek Care Immediately
Depending on the extent or size of the fracture, your dentist may be able to bond the remaining tooth portion back in place. For the best outcome, you should have professional care within one hour. Call your dentist office immediately to let them know that you are on the way.

Broken teeth can be caused by accidents, worn-out fillings, or decay. Schedule a check-up every 6 months to help prevent dental emergencies from happening!

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