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4 Bad Habits that Can Destroy Your Smile

Are you destroying your teeth with bad habits without even realizing it? Some of the things we do each day may build up to long-term consequences that leave us with long-term oral health problems or even result in tooth loss.

Here are just a few examples:

Bad Habits shutterstock_189738710Using Tobacco Products

Most people think that snuff or smokeless tobacco is safer than cigarettes. But it isn’t. In fact, keeping snuff in your mouth causes gum recession – leading to exposed tooth roots. It may even cause oral cancer.

Cigarettes are just as bad. In most cases they make your gums look healthy, because there is not enough blood flow to cause gingivitis. This can mask gum disease and cause tooth loss even if you’re getting your teeth cleaned regularly.


Bad Habits shutterstock_222881647Drinking Sports Drinks 

Even if you workout regularly and brush your teeth twice a day, sports drinks can do a number on your teeth. The truth is, they are even worse on your enamel than certain types of soda! Some of the healthiest dental patients work out, eat right, but have horrible amounts of tooth decay because of what they drink during the week.


Bad Habits shutterstock_265422224Chewing Your Nails

Constantly chewing your nails can cause irregular tooth wear and even risk certain types of oral infections! Most people don’t realize that they’re also spreading their own saliva around the workplace because of chewing their teeth between tasks. Use some nail clippers instead. Your coworkers will thank you!


Bad Habits shutterstock_287947157Scrubbing Your Teeth Too Hard

The harder you brush your teeth, the cleaner they are – right? Wrong. A stiff bristled toothbrush or even scrubbing too hard with a soft brush can actually wear away your enamel and cause gum recession. This leads to hypersensitivity later on.

If you have questions about what may or may not be good for your smile, ask your Florida dentist or hygienist during your next checkup!

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About the Author:

Sharon has been a Texas Registered Dental Hygienist since 2001. In 2011 she began a career as a dental educator and writer, using her experience and education in the dental field to share information with patients and peers around the globe. In her spare time she enjoys running and has completed 2 marathons so far this year.

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