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Activated Charcoal For Your Teeth?

There’s lots of DIY beauty advice on the interwebs: from face and makeup to hair and nails, beauty hacks, even DIY for dental care. Like any advice you come across online, you need to do your homework before following those directions. This is especially true when caring for your teeth, as they are an important part of your overall health. Plenty of worthy ideas are out there: using peroxide or baking soda to have a whitening effect on the teeth.  But some ideas should be avoided, like citrus peels to whiten your teeth, since the acid can damage the enamel.  Another idea not worth consideration is using charcoal as a whitening agent.

“Black Sludge”

Activated charcoal is used at hospitals to bind poisons from accidental ingestion. It’s a useful product with many purposes. And while there is testimony and photoCharcoal evidence that it can whiten teeth, it may be acting in other ways that are not beneficial.

In theory, it binds to whatever it touches. Tutorials indicate you should break a capsule of it into a small amount of water or coconut oil and brush it on your teeth. Supposedly, activated material binds to the residue, plaque, and tartar that cause discoloration. It could also bind to the minerals that strengthen your teeth, discolor, and leave them very sensitive. And that’s just the DIY version.

What About Prepared Toothpaste?

You could purchase activated charcoal toothpaste online through Amazon, but there is no way to be sure the charcoal they use is the right kind. You can’t interchange activated charcoal with regular charcoal.

Dentists agree, stay away from the activated charcoal, and try a whitening treatment instead. Choose a toothpaste that has the ADA seal of approval, as it is safe and has proven results. Call our South Florida offices for an appointment to brighten your smile!



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Sharon has been a Texas Registered Dental Hygienist since 2001. In 2011 she began a career as a dental educator and writer, using her experience and education in the dental field to share information with patients and peers around the globe. In her spare time she enjoys running and has completed 2 marathons so far this year.

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