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Are Your Teeth Better than an Olympians?

Olympian teeth SEDA Olympics Image 01

Are Your Teeth Better than an Olympians?

We hope you had as great of a time watching the 2016 Rio Olympics as we did at SEDA Dental. One of the things that was most evident to us was how some of the world’s greatest athletes still had less-than-healthy smiles.

How can it be that people with impeccable fitness and who are capable of the most challenging physical tests could still suffer from oral health problems? What’s even sadder is the fact that some of them were actually being “shamed” online because of how their teeth looked.

Access to Preventive Care

Although many of the problems are preventable or easily treated, the truth is that some Olympians just don’t have access to the suburb dental care that we do here in the states. SEDA Dental patients usually get check-ups and preventive cleanings every six months. This allows us to diagnose problems earlier on. In other countries it may be that the individual only sees a dentist once a tooth actually starts hurting…when far more damage has taken place. Orthodontic treatments aren’t common overseas, either. Here, we’re able to screen for bite irregularities at a younger age. Plus, most dentists make it easy to finance treatment right in their office. That way you can have straighter teeth without it breaking the bank.

Other Unique Risks

Nutrition also plays a key role. Many athletes consume a high amount of sports drinks for rehydration purposes. Unfortunately, that also means the naturally or artificially-sweetened liquids are constantly coating their teeth. It’s proven that this cause alone creates more cavities than drinking sodas!

Let’s not forget trauma. An accidental fall, blow to the mouth, or getting knocked in the face by a piece of equipment is enough to mess your teeth up if you don’t have a dentist on hand.

You might not be an Olympian marathon runner, but you can have a smile that’s just as healthy (if not more so) than the world’s leading athletes. Call SEDA Dental today!

Olympian teeth

Olympian teeth


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