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Best Latino Smiles of 2016

Latino Smiles

Latino Smiles

Jessica Alba

This Fantastic Four star has a smile that looks so natural yet so beautiful all at one time, one has to wonder if she’s ever had anything done. The perfect balance of her smile contour and a white yet realistic tooth shade is a perfect compliment to her glowing personality.

Rosario Dawson

With a mixture of Puerto Rican and Afro-Cuban genetics, Rosario’s unique charms boast a smile that looks similar to Hollywood’s Sweetheart – Julia Roberts. The Percy Jackson star looks like she could charm her way right through any rogue demigod’s path of destruction.

Selena Gomez

Far from being the girl-next-door, Gomez’s radiant smile features natural contouring patterns but a dazzling white glow that sets it apart from everybody else in the neighborhood. A fan of pink and natural shaded lip colors, Selena lets her smile do the talking for her!

Adriadna Gutierrez

Miss Columbia 2014 and 1st runner up at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant has a Hollywood-perfect white glow. As bright as her smile is, it doesn’t even look fake. Chances are, she’s got a world-class cosmetic dentist on her side!

Bruno Mars

Born in Hawaii to his Filipino mother and half Puerto Rican father, “Bruno” has more than just a voice that will blow away – his smile is youthful, bright, and looks as healthy as can be. We bet he flosses every day to keep those teeth looking that way.

Diego Boneta

Known for his roles in Mexican soap operas and a self-titled musical album, Diego has a contagious smile that is about as genuine as they come. We’re not sure whether or not he ever wore braces, but anybody would be lucky to have teeth as straight as his!

Which Latino star’s smile are you drawn to the most? Our Florida dentists can help you enjoy your own Hollywood-ready smile. Call us today!

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