Bolt Wins Triple Gold with Infected Tooth

Following the close of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, track star Usain Bolt revealed that he suffered from a severe dental infection (later learned was an abscessed tooth ) as he participated on the Jamaican athletic team.

Even though he won gold in several events, he says the tooth infection was very painful. Apparently, the tooth was abscessed due to an infected nerve. Most people describe dental pain as being one of the most uncomfortable things they’ve ever been through. Even then, Bolt somehow powered through it. Not so for other Olympians…in 2008, one British athlete missed his chance to participate because of an abscessed wisdom tooth that spread further into his body, requiring surgery and hospitalization.

Bolt turned out to be far luckier, not having to skip out on any of his events. However, not everyone is so lucky. In actuality, abscessed teeth can be deadly. There are several instances where children with untreated dental abscesses have wound up with facial or brain infections, due to spread of the bacteria.

Treating Abscessed Teeth

Depending on the severity of an abscessed tooth, an antibiotic may sometimes be prescribed to help clear up any excessive infection. The next step is to treat the source of the problem quickly. This involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth, along with the non-vital nerve inside of it. Once this is done, the nerve chamber can be sterilized and sealed off to avoid reinfection. Most people know this procedure as a “root canal.” At SEDA Dental, we understand why you might want to avoid an endodontic procedure like a root canal. Fortunately, it’s possible to keep you very comfortable so that the procedure can be completed as efficiently as possible. Don’t risk your health or the potential pain…call us about your abscessed . tooth, today!

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