Caring for Elderly Patients' Smiles

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published the draft of a new standard they'd like to see adopted by hospitals and residential homes across England. This standard would mandate early assessment of the residents' health and ensure that plans and support are in place for their dental care. Here in America as well, oral health tends to be at the bottom of the care priorities for the aging members of our population.

How Important Are Elderly Smiles?

When you call upon a residential home to look after your aging family member, you want the best care for them possible. Residents in retirement and nursing homes may need assistance with their personal hygiene. This is essential to their overall health, self-esteem, comfort, and dignity. Oral hygiene is equally as important. Additionally, oral health is critical to getting adequate nutrition. Having a sore, dry, uncomfortable mouth with few and/or crooked teeth can make eating a painful chore. Something as simple as ensuring that aged residents get their teeth brushed twice a day can make a difference.

Dental Care For The Whole Family Young or old, all of us deserve a smile we can be proud of! Even if the aesthetics of a smile are no longer important, all adults have the right to eat the foods they love with ease. Do you work in healthcare with aged residents or have an elderly loved one who needs extra care? If so, you have the responsibility to make sure that more than just basic food and clothing needs are being met. Elderly patients need dental checkups, too! At SEDA Dental in Florida, your loved one will have access to:

  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Denture adjustments
  • Anti-sensitivity treatments
  • Professional cleanings
  • Oral hygiene counselling

All family members are welcome at SEDA! Call today to schedule your or your family member's first visit.

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