Healthy Teeth in 2017

Top Healthy Foods You Need to Keep Your Teeth Healthy in 2017

Not quite sure that you want to jump on the band wagon of joining a gym or committing to running a marathon in 2017? Here’s another idea: making smart choices to eat healthy foods that are good for you AND your teeth. It’s easier than you think.

Cheese and Dairy We’ve known for a long time that calcium helps to build strong teeth and bones, but now there’s also research that suggests eating hard cheeses as a snack can help to reduce cavity-causing bacterial levels inside of your mouth. If you don’t like cheese, yogurt or milk is a convenient alternative.

An Apple a Day… Hard, crispy, fresh-picked produce is jam packed full of nutrients and vitamin that keep your gums healthy. Not only that, biting into firmer fibrous textures of an apple (or a crunchy vegetable) helps to stimulate your gingiva and clean your teeth while you chew.

Fish and Nuts What on earth do these two things have in common? Omega-3 fatty acids! Fish oil, along with nuts such as almonds, contain these building blocks that help your body fight of disease — even gum disease. Just be sure you’re opting for the healthier versions: baked fish instead of fried; fresh almonds instead of honey roasted, etc

Drink Up Fluoridated tap water comes right out of your sink, and contains regulated mineral levels of this cavity-fighting element. Unfortunately, most bottled waters do not…even a lot of the expensive ones. Save money and your smile by opting for this cheaper alternative. Plus, the water helps to clean your teeth throughout the day when you’re out and about. See…it’s easier than you thought to make healthy lifestyle changes! Call SEDA Dental today to book your next dental checkup to get a head start.

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