Trading Your Toothpaste for Charcoal

Trading Your Toothpaste for Charcoal

Have you heard of the latest DIY teeth whitening trend that doesn’t require a trip to the dentist? Charcoal. Yep, you heard it right. People are sticking their toothbrush in fine, charcoal powder and brushing their teeth with it. Surprisingly, the black mixture is supposed to “whiten” your teeth, rather than darken them. The theory behind toothpaste for charcoal is that since charcoal powder is so fine, it absorbs things like bacteria and stains from your teeth (it is, after all, used in hospitals for when someone is being treated for poisoning.)

But don’t be so fast to try it for yourself…

Brushing with charcoal can actually cause some significant problems that are irreversible. For instance, the abrasive nature can cause micro-abrasion to your teeth as well as receding gumlines. This can lead to increased staining as well as sensitivity. Sure, your teeth may seem ok the first couple of times that you use the charcoal, but those tiny abrasive particles add up over time. As your enamel erodes, it causes your teeth to be thinner, with more of the underlying (yellow) dentin showing up. So you’re actually having yellower teeth as opposed to whiter ones.

A Safer Alternative

If you’re really committed to drastically whitening your teeth and want fast results, just stop by SEDA Dental. Teeth whitening is easier than you thought it could be! We’ll discuss just how much whiter you want your teeth to look and recommend an appropriate plan to help you reach your long-term smile goals. Not to mention the fact that professional treatments can even erase deep stains inside of your teeth…not just the superficial ones. Plus, professional whitening is safer for your smile. You can even do it in your own home. Call SEDA Dental today to ask about the types of whitening available in Florida!

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