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Bluetooth Technology for Your Teeth

Look around in a crowd for five minutes, and you’ll spot all sorts of wearable Bluetooth and fitness technology. From step counters at the grocery store to heart rate monitors on athletes jogging down the sidewalk, these health gadgets aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, newer products may even be improving your dental health!

One new product under development is a Bluetooth-connected toothbrush. Developed by an oral product manufacturer in the Midwest, this fancy toothbrush can track your oral hygiene habits and even transfer data right to your computer for you to monitor your progress.

What are some of the most common mistakes people realize when they aren’t watching how they brush their teeth?

Brushing Too Quickly

 Bluetooth seda-electric-toothbrushAre you spending enough time cleaning your teeth? To effectively clean your mouth, you need to be brushing at least twice daily for two minutes at a time. Brushing too fast means you’re missing things…and large back and forth strokes cause areas along the curves of teeth to be missed altogether.

Brushing Too Aggressively

Overzealous tooth brushing is not a good thing. In fact, it can cause gum recession, tooth sensitivity, and even wear notches in your tooth structure. Soft, slow, methodical brushing is best. Switching to an electric brush can help you overcome those scrubbing habits, because you let the brush do all of the work for you.

Not Changing Out the Brush Head Regularly

When you’re sick, your toothbrush (or replacement head) needs to be tossed. Otherwise it can harbor bacteria and keep making you get sick or not get well at all. Over time, your brush head will wear out anyway. Make a plan to change it out at least every three to four months. A Bluetooth toothbrush could help remind you.

Get the real scoop on your brushing habits by scheduling a checkup at SEDA Dental!


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