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Can You Pull Off Hollywood’s Hottest Mouth Pose?

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Can You Pull Off Hollywood’s Hottest Mouth Pose?

When it comes to living in the limelight, nobody does it better than Hollywood celebs. They’ve perfected their look for every camera that happens to come their way, expected or otherwise. Have you ever noticed, though, how red carpet stars often pose for pictures with lips slightly parted – as though caught by surprise or in the midst of expressing some sizzling thought?

While that look may do for special occasions in front of the camera, we just can’t recommend it for everyday wear. What Hollywood calls appealing, we call mouth breathing.

The Negative Affects of Mouth Breathing

You might not think that mouth breathing is a big deal, but it’s a dangerous habit that many don’t even realize they have. It can cause numerous issues for your smile, like…

  • A dry mouth –  Parched just isn’t attractive and breathing through your lips can rob your mouth of moisture. Less saliva leads to an increased risk for cavities and gum disease – and that’s not very appealing.
  • Halitosis – A dry mouth allows odor-causing bacteria to thrive, creating chronic bad breath for people who mouth breathe.
  • Crooked Teeth – Breathing through your mouth can alter the shape of your jaw, lips, nose and cheeks, creating an elongated facial structure. Not only does it change your appearance over time, it can also cause your teeth to crowd.
  • Snoring –  Air passing through the mouth while you sleep can hit the back of your throat, resulting in noisy vibrations. Most people call that snoring and it makes it awfully hard to get quality beauty rest.

Treating Your Pucker Problem

Worried that you might be a mouth-breather? The SEDA dentists can help. Call today to set up an appointment. Not only will we answer your concerns, we can also help you enjoy a healthier, brighter smile – and that’s what really appeals to the camera!

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