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Celebrity Dentists’ Smile Makeover Secrets

smile makeover secrets

Celebrity Dentists’ Smile Makeover Secrets

Maybe you’re not one of tinsel town’s rich and famous, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you are. With a little cosmetic dentistry, you can show off a Hollywood smile that’s picture perfect. Not ready for your close-up? Then maybe these top tips from celebrity dentists will help…

What’s The Most Requested Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

While some celebs prefer a minimal, smile makeover secrets shutterstock_56198956natural oral enhancement, the most popular cosmetic request is a wide aligned smile. With a little teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment and aesthetic sculpting, Hollywood’s elite are enjoying a more youthful smile and so can you. 

Best Way to Align Crooked Teethsmile makeover secrets shutterstock_366287471

When it comes to correcting crooked teeth, celebrities are all about discretion.  You won’t find any metal brackets and wires on the big screen. ClearCorrect clear aligners are the preferred choice to straighten teeth without being obvious.  For discerning Stars who want dramatic results, without waiting years for their teeth to straighten, veneers are a popular choice. 

The Best Veneers

smile makeover secrets shutterstock_377824099When it comes down to it, there are several excellent veneers available to help celebrities achieve the perfect smile, quickly. However, the most important factor in creating an amazing smile is the customization and the dentist. Analyzing your face shape and eyes to craft veneers that enhance your unique appearance helps avoid a cookie-cutter grin that may not suit you. Hollywood’s elite know that it’s the skill and expertise that matter most, when it comes to veneers. 

Caring For Anxious Celebs

Like you, even celebrities get nervous at the dentist’s office. Many enjoy using headphones to literally tune out their treatment and relax. For others, sedative options and even hypnotherapy help them overcome their case of nerves, to enjoy a positive dental visit.  

Are you ready for a Hollywood smile makeover? Call your dentist today to set up a consultation.

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