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Is Cosmetic Bonding Right For Me?

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic Bonding shutterstock_90059182Cosmetic .bonding is done to improve the appearance of one or more teeth in a quick, esthetic, and non-invasive way. Bonding doesn’t typically require the use of anesthetic, and it can significantly improve your smile in a matter of minutes.

The bonding process starts when the dentist selects a shade of resin material that most closely matches the color of your other teeth. Next, the tooth is roughened a bit to improve the strength of the bond. A conditioning liquid is applied, and then the resin is molded to the tooth. A special curing light sets the resin and seals the bond.

Let’s take a minute to consider some of the fixes bonding can provide.

Chipped and Uneven Teeth

If you are bothered by the fact that one of your front teeth may appear smaller than the others or is shaped funny, then the problem could be corrected by some bonding.


Slight gaps in between front teeth can be closed off by adding some bonding material to part of a tooth, increasing its width ever so slightly to close up the gap.


A tooth with stain embedded in it too deep for whitening could be covered up with a little bonding.

Cosmetic Bonding shutterstock_298074209Recession

If you are battling gum recession, you probably know the frustration of having sensitivity in the exposed roots of the teeth, and you would love nothing more than to hide those unsightly yellow roots. Bonding can fix that by patching up the exposed areas.

The surest way to know whether cosmetic bonding will meet your needs is to have your tooth in question examined by a dentist. Now that you have a few facts about the procedure, all that’s left is for you to get out there and schedule a consultation!


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