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Eating for the Holidays and Protecting your Smile

eating for the holidays

eating for the holidays

Many folks will readily admit that second to being with their loved ones, eating is a very important part of any holiday! And why not? We all love any excuse to gather with family and friends to enjoy special treats. But caution is necessary; some of the foods we love can be damaging to our smiles. Consider a few ways you can protect your teeth from the effects of holiday fare.

Cut Back on Sugary Drinks

Sweet soda, coffee, tea, juice, and alcoholic beverages often feature into a holiday meal. Try to drink as much water and unsweetened drinks as possible. Drinking sugar is an insidious way to promote acid erosion of your tooth enamel. So when possible, go for good plain water!

Brush, Brush, and Brush!

You won’t be able to resist ALL of the goodies on the table, so at least make sure that you clean your teeth well after eating. Reduce the amount of time that your teeth are exposed to harmful acids and sugars by brushing after each meal. Make sure to floss daily and use fluoride products for added protection.

eating for the holidays
eating for the holidays

Opt for Healthier Choices

Substitute foods that are fresh and high in fiber for ones that are dense in sticky carbohydrates. For example, include a fresh salad with meals that contains nuts and seeds and fresh fruits instead of sweet dried fruits, candied nuts, and sugary dressing.

Keep whole grain chips and crackers handy for munching. Search for snack items that are high in complex carbs and low in processed sugars. Calcium is great for strong teeth, so have some cheese on hand to go with the crackers!

Before you get caught up in the whirlwind of festivities of the next holiday season, visit your dentist for a dental check-up to make sure your smile is ready to party!

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