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Extreme Smile Makeover Update

smile makeover

smile makeover

When Sam’s wife Shea suggested he audition for the SEDA Dental Extreme Smile. Makeover,  Sam probably didn’t think he would win, much less have a new temporary smile in less than six months, yet here we are. Sam’s progress is amazing but his case will take close to a year to perfect.

smile makeover Sam's wife and daughter enjoying the moment

Sam’s wife and daughter enjoying the moment

Since Sam was picked he has been to the office 4 times;

Visit One: Assess his dental situation and come up with a game plan.

Visit Two: Remove eleven teeth from his upper and lower jawline (he took it like a champ) – now wait two months for his gums to heal.

Visit Three: Take impressions for a temporary upper denture.

Visit Four: Remove the last remaining 4 upper teeth and install temporary upper denture. Smile.

While we have been filming the entire process for our half-hour television show about the SEDA Dental Extreme Smile. Makeover, and do not want to reveal the process on video yet, we felt it was important to have an update on how much change Sam has experienced since the start. It is truly rewarding to watch his progress and be involved in changing his health and his life.

smile makeover Sam right before getting his temporary denture

Sam right before getting his temporary denture

smile makeover Sam 20 minutes later after getting last upper teeth pulled

Sam 20 minutes later after getting last upper teeth pulled

Daletnia, get ready we are coming for you next.

The following are videos to watch so you can get caught up on the Sam saga.

Below: The Announcement of the SEDA Dental Extreme Smile Makeover

Below: The Top 19 Finalists Come in to Interview

Below: We reveal to Sam…he is the Winner

Below: SEDA Dental goes above and beyond and reveals a 2nd winner

Keep up with Sam and Daletnia’s progress right here and if you have any questions about your smile schedule your next appointment at SEDA Dental today.

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  1. nancy August 13, 2015 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Im so happy for him to see him smile.ive always wanted to be able to smile like that i lost all my front teath.and are in bad shape.every time ilook in the mirror i want to cry.when i smile or laugh i cover my mouth.and if i see someone look at my smile i start to cry.this is why im so happy for him . because i no first hand on how he felt before you fixed his keep smiling Sam:)

  2. kathy Waszkelewicz September 23, 2015 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    Sam you look stunning! It feels wonderful not to have a war zone in our mouths anymore. SEDA did again, made a healthy mouth. Your life will change, count on that. I am very happy and excited for you and your family.

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