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How Far Dentistry Has Come


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When you take a minute to consider a brief history of dentistry, you’d be amazed at just how far it’s come along! You may find it easy to take dental work for granted today. For some, dentistry is a source of extreme fear and anxiety. But what changes throughout history have made dentistry the vital human service it is today? Reviewing a few major areas in which dentistry has evolved could help you to value it in a whole new way.

Dentistry in Theory

An ancient text dated around the year 5000 BCE describes dental decay as being caused by “tooth worms.” Today, we now appreciate the fact that cavities are caused by microscopic bacteria. Knowing this allows us to prevent tooth decay through good hygiene and the use of fluoride. As time went on, science revealed that health problems are actually attributed to measurable biological changes.

The Goal of Dentistry

Dentistry BFW61K Oculist tends to an affliction, Medicine series, modern papyrus after painting at tomb of Ipi at Deir el-Medina, 19th...

There is evidence that as early as 2600 BCE, an Egyptian scribe is credited with caring for teeth. Dentistry had long been known as the science of relieving tooth pain, removing diseased teeth, and replacing teeth with functional replacements. To this day, some people believe that they should only go the dentist if something hurts.

In modern times, the goal of dentistry has shifted to that of preventing disease and creating a new standard of living by enhancing or totally rebuilding a smile.


Standards of Dental Care

At one time, your options for replacing teeth were limited to bulky, chafing dentures made from wood, or animal bone, if you were fortunate! Dentistry now offers procedures such as dental implants which feel and function almost exactly as your natural teeth do. And modern dentistry is done with safe and reliable anesthetics!

Talk with your dentist to find out more about the technology that gives you a comfortable and safe dental experience.

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