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What Your Friends Aren’t Telling You: Bad Breath

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What Your Friends Aren’t Telling You:  Bad Breath

It takes a special kind of friend to brave your personal space and confide that you have a problem with your breath. Only the truest soul, who has your best interests at heart, will brave that odorous space, to tell you what you need to know – your breath stinks!

Once the tears are over, take a deep breath (and release it, if you have a mint handy). There’s hope!  You don’t have to live with bad breath.  There are just as many remedies as there are causes for your halitosis.

Fighting The Bad Breath Blues

If you’re suffering from chronic halitosis, it’s a good idea to see your dentist or mention it at your next checkup.  Some cases can have more worrisome causes, such as diabetes, kidney failure, acid reflux, oral infection and even sinus infection.  More often, halitosis is preventable by addressing the source:

  • Your Favorite Food – Garlic keeps more than supposed vampires at bay. It, along with many other odorous foods, can keep your friends away, as well.  Give those foods a pass, unless everyone is enjoying them or you’re spending a quiet evening at home, alone.
  • Brush Up On Your Brushing – If your oral hygiene habits are lacking, that might be the cause of your persistently bad breath. Brush your teeth at least twice each day, floss regularly, and don’t forget clean the part of your mouth that’s harboring the most odor-inducing bacteria – your tongue!
  • Kick The Nicotine – Whether you smoke or chew, tobacco usage can wreak havoc on your breath. Not only does it have an offensive smell, it also dries out your mouth, which is another source of halitosis.

Worried about your bad breath?  Maybe all you need is a dental checkup and professional teeth cleaning.  Call the SEDA dentists today and schedule your appointment.

Bad Breath


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