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Gum Disease – Do you know enough about it?

healthy gum

healthy gum

The health of your gums is the least talked about dental condition among most people as they make the mistake of assuming that their teeth are in perfect health and do not focus on their maintenance of their gums. However, the fact remains that the health of your gums has a huge effect on your physical health so do not make the mistake of ignoring your gum problems.

Taking Care of Your Gums

In order to avoid having gum disease, you can take care of your gums yourself by brushing after meals and flossing daily to remove food particles from your teeth and also by preventing plaque from forming on its surface. Your gums are made of a soft skin tissue which forms a tight seal around your teeth to support the bones and protect against bacteria; thus it is important you take care of them.

What Gum Disease Means

Having poor oral hygiene causes gingivitis. Bleeding and swelling of gums are symptoms of this disease. Alternatively, it may also cause periodontal disease. While the first one develops due to the soreness of the tissues surrounding the teeth; the other type occurs due to soreness of the gum below the bone.

Causes of Gum Disease

The primary reason for the occurrence of gum disease is poor oral hygiene which allows bacteria and plaque to stay on the teeth and infect the gums. However, oral hygiene is not the sole factor in the development of gum disease; other factors that contribute to it are:

  • Smoking prevents the gum tissue from healing
  • The bad shape of the teeth may cause plaque and bacteria to accumulate
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress effects the immune system’s response to bacteria
  • Poor nutrition

Gum problems contribute significantly to teeth loss more so, than tooth decay. Thus, it becomes important for you take care of your gums. People have varying levels of gum disease. The progression of gum disease is slow and is not that difficult to control. It is even genetically present in some people, but even if it is in your genes you can still prevent it from happening by taking good care of your oral hygiene. If you are suffering from other diseases then you may well have a higher chance of developing this disease, and it is also likely to be more severe than in other cases.

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One of the root causes of tooth loss is gingivitis, which may end up making you suffer from serious infections.


If you have symptoms associated with gum disease, it is advised that first and foremost, you take good care of your oral hygiene and if that doesn’t help and the infection spreads; then you should immediately consult your dentist at SEDA Dental. Our team of dental experts in South Florida will probably advise you towards any surgical or non surgical treatment that may be needed in order to stop the infection from getting serious and causing further medical complications.

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