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Oral Health: Yesterday and Today

oral health BFW61K Oculist tends to an affliction, Medicine series, modern papyrus after painting at tomb of Ipi at Deir el-Medina, 19th...

Ancient Mummy Mouth

Oral Health

Modern day oral health has come a long way. We may feel like it’s a new thing to have tooth aches and cavities, what with our sugar-filled diets and our processed foods. But such problems are not unique to this era! Thousands of years ago, people experienced serious problems with their mouths, just like us.

They didn’t have our technology, though. Recently, the 2,000-year-old mummy of a priest from ancient Egypt went on display in Israel. That priest led a leisurely lifestyle, comparable with ours today. In theory, he didn’t have to work in the hot sun, was mainly sedentary, and enjoyed snacking and eating as he pleased.

…He also had dental problems.

The big presence in this ancient Egyptian’s food pyramid included bread, honey, and other treats that ultimately caused tooth decay. You’d think with his social status he’d be able to avoid developing oral disease, but he didn’t.

Today we have annual checkups to foresee and correct any major oral health problems. Modern treatment (of cavities, for example) is much friendlier, minimally invasive, less painful, and quicker than the mummy had access to when he was alive.

Fluoride Could Have Helped!

Fluoride has been a primary game-changer in the dental field. Better oral health means better overall health, and fluoride helps you and your dentist keep your mouth free of cavities. If the 2,000-year-old mummy had access to fluoride and early diagnosis by a dentist’s office, he might have spent more time on this earth as a priest!

Taking everything in mind, you could almost say with modern dental treatments, we’ve got it easy. Just schedule your routine checkups to catch any problems before they start or spread, use any supplement fluoride that your dentist recommends, and smile, knowing you can avoid ancient mummy mouth!

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About the Author:

Sharon has been a Texas Registered Dental Hygienist since 2001. In 2011 she began a career as a dental educator and writer, using her experience and education in the dental field to share information with patients and peers around the globe. In her spare time she enjoys running and has completed 2 marathons so far this year.

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