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Pregnancy and your Mouth

Pregnancy and Your Mouth

Pregnancy and Your Mouth

Pregnancy and Your Mouth A Pregnant Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. However, your impeding joy may be wreaking havoc in your oral cavity. Here are three things to be aware of while you enjoy the ride into motherhood.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnancy and Your Mouth A Gingivitis PregnantMost women experience a change in their gum tissue during their pregnancy. Often times, this is attributed to an increased amount of progesterone that can enhance the growth of certain bacteria, which may lead to gingivitis.

This can be combated by keeping up with your bi-yearly dental cleanings with check ups and also continue your normal dental hygiene routine.

Dry Mouth

Many expectant moms will experience dry mouth, which can accelerate the rate of cavities. One way to combat dry mouth is to drink plenty of water. Not only is it good for your mouth, it is also good for your baby.

If that still isn’t enough, try using sugarless candies or gum to stimulate the secretion of saliva. These candies also contain an ingredient called xylitol which neutralizes the bacteria and helps prevent cavities.

Tooth Erosion

Pregnancy and Your Mouth A ErosionIf you are experiencing morning sickness with vomiting, it is important to know that you should NOT brush your teeth immedietely afterwards, due to an increase in acid. Wait at least 30 minutes before grabbing the brush and paste. Doing this will decrease the erosion of your teeth and protect your enamel.

What you CAN DO is rinse your mouth with water while you wait. This will help remove the acid off of your teeth and make it easier for it to neutralize.

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