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Advice From A Children’s Dentist

Kids love sugary delights.

They might not eat their lunch or dinner on time; but they will never forget to have their chocolate candies and vanilla ice cream. Due to the excessive consumption of sugar, children usually get cavities in their teeth, which need proper treatment to prevent serious damage to their teeth.

However, preparing children for a dental visit is nothing less than a challenge for the parents.

A dental checkup is a child’s most dreaded nightmare. For children, entering an unfamiliar quiet room; filled with a nasty antiseptic odor, and being operated on with sharp and screeching tools, is a scary event. But there are some ways through which parents can help their children overcome this fear.

Dentists not only have extensive knowledge about oral issues; but they also know children’s psychology in depth. Every day, they meet and treat children with different issues; and therefore, know how they should be prepared for a dental visit. The tips in this article were shared by some of the leading and most experienced children’s dentists alongside SEDA Dental Dentists.

Begin at the early ages

The president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Rhea Haugseth, says that parents should schedule their child’s first dental visit at at early age. It has been noticed that those kids who start young are usually less scared, and are more cooperative. Thus, as soon as the first tooth becomes visible; parents should take their kids to a children’s dentist.

Choose the timings wisely

If you take your children to the dentists when they are sleepless or agitated, then get ready to encounter a lot of drama. Kids are least bothered about the people surrounding them. If they do not want to be treated, then they will not allow the physician to even touch them. Therefore, choose a time when they are fresh and well-rested for a calmer experience during the checkup.

Tell them about the Importance of oral health

Informing children about the significance of healthy teeth and gums is another method that dentists suggest to the parents. Telling them how cavities can infect their teeth and cause pain, can make them more conscious and responsible for their dental issues.

Be careful with your words

Dental pediatric, Doctor Rubinstein says that one of the biggest mistakes that parents make in this case; is narrating their own painful experiences to the children. On listening to these stories, kids infer their own conclusions that everything at the dental clinic is going to cause them pain.

Professionals suggest avoiding using words like hurt, shot or pain. Rather, let the staff explain them the procedure, in a childish language, which is not scary at all.

A dental visit act

How about playing a dental visit role-play game with your child, before the actual visit?

This is probably the best way to boost their confidence and explain dentistry to them. Pretend to be a dentist. Count their teeth and teach them how to brush. Don’t make any drilling noise that might scare them. Once you are done; tell them it’s their turn now to become the dentist and examimine your teeth.

Lastly, stand close to your children, during the examination. This empowers them with the confidence to remain seated till the end of the checkup.

To schedule your child’s dentist appointment please call SEDA Dental at 877.987.4321.

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