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Even though our dental professionals at SEDA Dental make every attempt to save and maintain your natural teeth, there are instances in which a tooth or teeth might have to be taken out. A simple extraction takes out a tooth that is visible over the gums. This is typically done for a tooth that is decayed or damaged and cannot be repaired. A surgical extraction takes out a tooth that has not erupted over the gums. Surgical extractions are frequently performed to take out impacted teeth, like the wisdom teeth, that do not have sufficient space to fit into your mouth. Whatever the reason for receiving an extraction at SEDA Dental, our staff will provide you with the best possible treatment. Our South Florida offices provide multiple sedation methods, such as nitrous oxide and oral-conscious sedation, which means you can stay calm and comfortable throughout your treatment. Get in touch with our staff for more information or to schedule an exam to improve your smile.

Best Candidates

If your tooth was damaged or broken from decay, we can make every attempt to fix it using a crown, dental bonding, or a filling. However, a tooth might be too far into decay and will have to be removed to prevent the decay from spreading — and also to conserve the health of the rest of the teeth. You may also require a dental extraction to remove a tooth or teeth that cannot fit in your mouth. This involves your third molars, popularly called wisdom teeth, which grow around ages 17 – 21. In older kids, infant teeth that have not naturally fallen out might need to be extracted so that they do not obstruct the permanent teeth. If you are getting orthodontics or contemplating Invisalign, then you might require a tooth extraction to make space for the remaining teeth when they move into their normal place.

What To Expect

Dental extractions are done in our office using local anesthesia on the area near the tooth being removed. Different forms of sedation may be used based on the degree of the extraction and also to help you stay relaxed in case you have some dental worries. For a simple extraction, the tooth will be loosened using a special device called an elevator prior to removal. A surgical extraction entails making incisions into your gums to get to the tooth. If necessary, the tooth may be broken up into smaller pieces so that it can be taken out. When the tooth has been removed, the incision in your gums will be closed. A prescription for antibiotics to be taken prior to and following the procedure may also be provided — in case you have a current illness, if your immune system is compromised, if the process is extended, or if you have some other special health problems.


Based on the anesthesia used throughout your extraction, you might be required to have a responsible adult take you home. As your gums heal, you need to avoid smoking, using straws, and spitting. Your recovery will vary, depending on the complexity of your extraction; however, many patients prefer to eat soft, room-temperature food for at least a couple of days following the procedure. A member of our dental team will speak with you regarding what is normal as you recover and how to care for your gums. Your gums will probably be inflamed after the procedure, therefore, over-the-counter pain medicine and cold compresses may be recommended. In some cases, a written prescription for pain medicine and/or antibiotics may also be provided. In addition to some proposed follow-up visits, you should schedule regular appointments at SEDA Dental for dental exams and cleanings so we can track your oral health following an extraction.

Insurance Coverage

An extraction procedure is generally covered by dental insurance, but your sedation option may not be completely covered. Prior to your extraction, we will contact your insurance provider to determine your particular policy and estimate your expenses. If you do not have dental insurance, then we can speak with you about the numerous payments we take together with information about low-interest medical financing.

Simple and Surgical Extraction

Whether you have a tooth that is damaged or if your mouth does not have space for a tooth, a tooth extraction at SEDA Dental will help improve your smile and overall oral health. Schedule a consultation at one of our South Florida facilities to find out more about surgical and simple extractions. If you have dental worries or fears, inquire about sedation options to help you stay relaxed and calm throughout your process.

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