Smile Whitening: An Easy Mommy-Makeover

smile whitening shutterstock_104464787When you hear about mommy makeovers, you usually think about plastic surgery, liposuction, tucks and lifts. But when you think about it, most extreme makeovers start with one huge factor: the smile. Whitening your smile is one of the easiest, most affordable, and dramatic ways to change the way you look and feel.

Why is a Whiter Smile Worth it?

One of the most dramatic aspects you can change about your smile is the color of your teeth. Brightening your tooth enamel makes your teeth look younger and more vibrant. It’s also an essential step to any complete smile makeover. Regardless of whether you’re whitening alone or having additional work done like bonding or veneers, whitening always comes first. It sets the standard for the future color of any dental work that you have done in the whitening shutterstock_84084301

It’s Affordable and Long-Lasting

A white smile is fairly easy to maintain. Once you whiten your teeth, all you have to do is touch up your smile every few months to keep new stains from becoming permanent ones. Whitening is far more affordable than you might have guessed! Whether you’re choosing to whiten your teeth during a one-hour in-office appointment, or wear a set of custom made trays, your investment pays for itself. People who purchase over-the-counter whitening kits find themselves paying for a new kit every 3 to 4 months. After a couple of years, you’ve spent more money on weaker whitening products than investing in professional grade ones.

smile whitening shutterstock_82358977A beautiful, white smile will change the way you look and feel. When you have the confidence that only a white smile can give you, people will notice. It’s time to start making great first impressions and feeling good about yourself. Ask about a professional whitening treatment today!

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smile whitening

smile whitening

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