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Allyson Miller

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Allyson Miller
Allyson MillerOffice Manager - Delray Beach

A Little Bit About Me

Born and raised In Philadelphia, I started in the dental field in 1994, when I went to my first adult dentist and had a bad experience.  I decided after that I would never let anyone feel afraid and have a bad experience like I did.

Whether it is making arrangements financially, or explaining to them step by step the procedure or even holding their hand.

My passion is my daughter and my family.  I am extremely family orientated and they give me the strength I need everyday. I love to read, go swimming, go bowling, swimming and weekend getaways.  I also love sports such as football, nascar, mma and ufc.

Delray Beach: Monday – Thursday  8:00am to 5pm / Friday 8:00am to 2pm

Cocktail, Shawshank Redemption and Meet the Parents.

The Smile On Your Face by Alison Krauss, Look at Me by Carrie Underwood and Through The Years by Kenny Rogers

Pizza, Mexican, and a Nice Steak.