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Dr. Alexander I. Wang

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Dr. Alexander I. Wang
Dr. Alexander I. WangSEDA Dental Dentist - DMD

A Little Bit About Me

Dr. Wang earned his DMD and his Certificate in Periodontics from Nova Southeastern Dental School. Both Dr. Rubinstein and Dr. Wang have been clinical instructors at Nova Southeastern Dental School. Dr. Wang is a member of the American Society of Periodontics, the American Dental Association, and the Academy of Osseointegration.
Dr. Wang specializes in Dental Implant surgeries. He can be found working in all SEDA Dental offices during the week
Traveling, eating at great restaurants and enjoying my family
Monday – Boynton Beach Office 8-5 – Every other Monday in Jupiter 5pm-7pm
Tuesday – Pompano Beach 8am-12pm Boynton Beach 1pm-5pm
Wednesday – Boynton Beach Office 8am-12pm Bay Harbor Islands 1pm-5pm
Thursdays – Boynton Beach Office 8am-12pm Pompano Beach Office 1pm-5pm 
Star Wars (Empire strikes back) Godfather Part2, Wedding Crashers
Time to Say Goodbye- Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman, Keep ya Head- Tupac Shakur, Back in Black- AC/DC
Indian butter chicken, Vietnamese pho, Bolivian Sauce