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Fernanda Matzer

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Fernanda Matzer
Fernanda MatzerOffice Manager - Pompano Beach

A Little Bit About Me

Hola, I am Fernanda Matzer. I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. I moved to Florida in 1993. My passion for teeth began in middle school. I flash back to the days where I wore braces. I was that “odd” kid because I actually liked my braces. I thought they were “cool”. I have a love for teeth. A smile, a laugh, or even a simple smirk, in a brief exchange between two strangers can mean a lot. This is one of the main reasons why I do what I do. I enjoy being part of a a great team that helps and maintains your best smile.

My goal is to educate and motivate patients to complete their “road map”. My future goal is to become an Orthodontist.

On my spare time, you can find me at the gym, the beach, reading, singing at my church choir, or even sky diving.

Pompano Beach: Monday – Thursday  8:00am to 5pm

The Lion King, The Notebook, and Black Hawk Down.

My favorite songs Bicicleta by Shakira, Labios Compartidos by Mana, and Honey by Mariah Carey.

I enjoy eating sushi, spicy foods, a great steak and of course pastries.