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Hannah Butenko

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Dr. Hannah Butenko
Dr. Hannah ButenkoDoctor of Medicine in Dentistry - Pompano Beach

A Little Bit About Me

Originally from Belarus, moved to USA in 2005 and have been living in Chicago since then. Moved to Florida in 2017. Received my Bachelors of Science in Biology  from Loyola University in Chicago. Completed a doctorate in dental medicine (DMD) from University of Illinois in Chicago.

My favorite aspect of dentistry is working one-on-one with the patients , addressing their needs and concerns. My practice philosophy is to provide comprehensive, compassionate and gentle dental services that lead to a positive experience for my patients. To stay current with the latest advances in dentistry I attend many lectures, hands on workshops and continuing education courses across the country and in Europe.

I like to travel and enjoy doing it whenever I have free time. I like being active and enjoy biking, playing with my dog or just going to the beach to have a relaxed day.

Pompano Beach: Monday – Thursday  8:00am to 5pm

Intouchables, The notebook, Legend #17 (Russian)

Depends on my mood, I can listen to almost anything from classic music to pop

Oysters, Sushi, Steak