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Jully Jassan

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Jully Jassan
Jully JassanSEDA Dental Hygienist - Pompano Beach

A Little Bit About Me

I’m from Colombia .I graduated from Dental School in 1988, I had my own practice for 12 years.
 For political reasons I moved to the USA with my family 15 years ago.

I mostly focus on keeping patient’s teeth and gums clean, giving instructions in proper dental hygiene, teaching appropriate brushing and flossing techniques, I administer local anesthesia (BSL), deliver local antibiotic, working under the supervision of licensed Dentist.
Read a good book. 
Go to the beach.
 I like dental work, because I like to change smiles, I love to see happy people after the treatment .

I work in Pompano Beach Monday and Wednesday 8 – 5.

Black American History.
 Cinderella, Lo que el viento se llevo.

Juan en la ciudad (Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz), 
Revelacion (Joe Arrollo), 

Palestine food, 
Mote de queso,