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The Five Biggest Smile Makeovers In Hollywood

Smile Makeovers

The Five Biggest Smile Makeovers In Hollywood

While it might be argued that the stars shine on certain people, a Star is seldom born with a perfect smile. In a place where looks are as important (if not more important) than talent, it’s no wonder that these celebrities soon enhanced their looks with cosmetic dentistry:

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1. Tom Cruise is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, but up until age 39, he had one of the worst smiles.  With two front teeth heading in opposite directions and a grin that was crooked and discolored, his smile was memorable for all the wrong reasons.  After extensive alignment procedures, professional whitening and eventually veneers, we all adore his roguish grin. 
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2. Celine Dion has the voice of an angel, but her smile wasn’t always heavenly.  After minimizing the length of her canines, her smile was perfectly proportioned and also pearly white.  
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3. Madonna is well known for the gap between her front teeth, but what you might not know is that her gap was originally much larger and her teeth were distractingly misaligned.  With a little cosmetic dentistry she’s minimized, and yet embraced, her signature gap, while improving the rest of her smile.  
4. Morgan Freeman is an incredible actor, famous for his smooth, deep voice, but in his early acting years one of the things he was most notorious for was his gangly grin. With a little teeth whitening and gap filling, he now looks a decade younger and his smile matches his voice. 
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5. Hilary Duff didn’t have a perfect smile as a Disney star, but as her career took off, she opted for some cosmetic improvement.  Her first set of veneers were over-sized and she eventually replaced them with a set that was more proportionate with her smile. Now Hilary has a gorgeous, Oscar-worthy smile.

If you’re ready to enjoy a Hollywood smile, call your dentist today to set up a consultation.

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