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Over the Counter Teeth Whitening

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening seda dental 10143

Are you looking to whiten your smile? Have you been considering using a teeth whitening kit to brighten your teeth? Here are some facts you should know about commercially available home whitening kits. But do you know how they compare to custom whitening trays offered by your dentist?


In most cases, a home whitening kit is cheaper if it is bought at the store. What many people don’t consider though, is that they must re-purchase an entirely new kit each time. By the time you’ve touched up one or two times, you could have invested a professional grade kit. Maintaining the whitening results is more expensive compared to a professional kit.
Over the Counter Teeth Whitening seda dental 10145


Professionally fitted whitening trays conform to the shape of each tooth. Over the counter kits do not. The best application is usually with strips that can be conformed to your teeth. But even then they do not always provide flush contact. As a result, the whitening effect is uneven across your smile. You may even experience problems like bleached or burned gums.


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If you are trying to treat an illness, sometimes it’s best to use a prescription medication. Prescription strength products are more effective and take less time. The same can be said with whitening gel. Over the counter whitening gels do work but they’re best for mild whitening needs. People with mild discoloration can get great results. However, if you have moderate tooth staining you will need a more effective product.
Which type of whitening treatment is right for you? Ask your dentist if a mild over the counter whitener will work, or if a custom kit or application would be better.
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