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Tooth Extraction – Reasons and Expectations

Tooth Extraction

Tooth .extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket. SEDA Dental Dentists perform teeth extractions for many different reasons, one of them being the presence of broken teeth or decay in a tooth.

Our dentists at SEDA Dental will at first try to fix it employing different treatment methods; if none of the treatments seem to work, extraction is done as a last resort.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

It’s not always that a tooth is considered beyond repair and thus extracted; there are other reasons too.

Here are a few of the common ones:

  • Extra teeth wanting to come out
  • Milking teeth which have not migrated yet
  • Making room for new teeth
  • Receiving radiation
  • Cancer drugs at times require removal of teeth as these drugs can infect the teeth
  • Source of infection
  • Wisdom Tooth removal

These causes can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Crowded Mouth
  • Infections
  • Decays and diseases
  • Risks

Expectations from Tooth Extractions

Usually, a dentist can be the individual who is conducting the extraction; however, an oral surgeon can also perform it, or a dentist who holds a special training certification as well. Before the tooth is removed, the dentist or surgeon will inject the patient with medication to numb their mouth.

Local anesthetic may be given at times too, and medication to help cope with the pain. If there is more than 1 tooth which needs to be extracted, then our dentist or oral surgeon may apply the use of general anesthetic so that the pain does not spread to the rest of your body.

If the tooth is not visible yet it has left you with swollen gums, our SEDA Dental dentist will cut the skin in order to access it. This can cause an infection if not taken out, which is why our dentist will need to extract it from within your gum and bone tissue if needed.

Once we have access, we will loosen the tooth in question first so that it can come out with complete ease from the jaw. At times, if the extraction procedure for the impacted tooth is too complex, our dentist may take it out one piece at a time.

When extracted, a blood clot will fill the socket. Our SEDA Dental dentist will then clean the clot and add a gauze pad to stem the bleeding, and you will need to apply pressure on it so that the bleeding stops altogether.

If needed, our dentist may also stitch the gum with self-dissolving stitches. If the clot breaks loose, this will cause dry socket, a painful condition. Our dentist will then apply a special dressing over the socket so that it may heal and form a new clot over the next few days.



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