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Top 5 Female Hollywood Smiles in 2016

Female Hollywood Smiles

The Top 5 Female Hollywood Smiles

Want to be a famous star – or at least look like one? There’s one thing that every person on Hollywood’s A-list must have, and that’s a brilliant smile! Whether you’re posing in the limelight or just wanting to put your best smile forward, cosmetic dentistry can offer you a confident, memorable look.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Have food stains and age discolored your teeth, making you appear older than you are? Inexpensive teeth whitening can quickly and easily restore your pearly whites! If misshaped or crooked teeth are detracting from your look, porcelain veneers can instantly perfect your grin. Do you have teeth that are too short, gapped or chipped? Then simple dental bonding might be just what your smile needs.

With cosmetic dentistry, you can enjoy a more beautiful smile, just like these Hollywood’s favorites:

Female Hollywood Smiles shutterstock_126719357-2


Anne Hathaway – Not since Julia Roberts has Hollywood seen such a stunning smile as the one that graces Anne Hathaway. Her perfectly proportioned teeth keep her looking youthful and radiant

Female Hollywood Smiles shutterstock_96491678-2


Jessica Alba – This natural beauty has stuck to the latest trend of enhancing your teeth without going for the too-perfect, too-white smile. Her beautiful, symmetrical smile compliments her already good looks.

Female Hollywood Smiles . shutterstock_106253672


Eva Mendes – Well known for her winsome smirk, Eva’s perfectly placed mole draws your eyes to her radiant, perfectly sculpted, pearly whites.

Female Hollywood Smiles shutterstock_90748958


Jennifer Morrison – Beautiful smiles aren’t just for fairy tales. This “Once Upon A Time” star’s face lights up when she shares her timeless, dazzling smile.

Female Hollywood Smiles shutterstock_213208672


Julia Roberts – Hollywood’s most iconic smile goes to none other than Julia Roberts. Her famous pearly whites and enthusiastic, wide grin make her truly unforgettable.

Are Your Ready For Your Close-up?

If your smile isn’t picture perfect, we can help! Give our office a call today to set up your smile makeover consultation!

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