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http://www.FloridaTeeth.com | SEDA Dental is South Florida's top Orthodontic Specialists providing state-of-the-art orthodontic care for children, teens and adults. The dentists at SEDA Dental have been practicing orthodontics in Florida for over 10 years. With six convenient South Florida Orthodontic Dental Offices to serve you, the dentists at SEDA Dental offer convenient hours and focus on personal and professional patient care.

SEDA Dental Orthodontics

Meet Sandy and her daughter, Brooke. Brooke needs braces this year. That can be costly. Sandy needed a solution because she is on a budget, and robbing a bank is not an option. She found out about SEDA Dental. They had the perfect solution for a complete set of braces, custom-made for them. Now, Brooke's teeth are straight, and everyone is smiling. SEDA smile, SEDA difference, SEDA Dental.