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Non-Invasive Ways Hollywood Enhances Their Smile

 Hollywood Enhances Their Smile SEDA Madonna Hollywood Enhances Their SmileNon-Invasive Ways Hollywood Enhances Their Smile

Ever wanted to know the ways Hollywood enhances their smile? A little dental touch-up can go a long way towards creating the dazzling smile that you so often see on the big screen. If you’re looking for a minimally invasive smile-makeover, consider a few of these dental techniques that Hollywood’s brightest stars enjoy.

Embrace Your Natural Smile

In Tinseltown, being unique makes you stand out from the cookie-cutter celebrities. The latest trend among A-listers is flaunting a naturally shaped smile. While there’s something to be said for straighter smiles and the better oral health that they encourage, a smile that’s too perfect can appear fake. Sometimes various tooth shapes and sizes are simply perfect imperfections that add to your beautiful smile.

Simple Gum Recontouring

If you’re troubled with a gummy smile, you can enhance your dental appearance with easy, virtually painless gum sculpting. In one brief visit, your cosmetic dentist can recontour the shape of your gum by laser, to create a smile that showcases your teeth instead of your gums.

 Hollywood Enhances Their SmileSEDA Hollywood Enhances Their SmileTeeth Whitening

Due to age and lifestyle choices, your teeth can yellow and become discolored over time, detracting from your smile. With easy and affordable teeth whitening, you can turn back the time on your teeth, for more dazzling pearly whites. Imagine walking into your dentist’s office with stained teeth and leaving with a more youthful, glowing smile.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Hollywood’s elite might find their trademark look in a gapped smile, but for most people dental imperfections cause embarrassment. If you’re tempted to hide your smile, dental bonding might be just what your smile needs. With a tooth-colored dental resin material, your cosmetic dentist can disguise…
• Chipped or fractured teeth
• Stubborn tooth discoloration
• Teeth that are too short or too narrow
• Gaps between your teeth

Minimally-Invasive, Maximized Results
Are you ready to enhance your smile? Call our office today to schedule your consultation!

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