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Why are My Child’s Teeth Yellow?

my childs teeth yellow

my childs teeth yellow

Is your son or daughter beginning to have his or her permanent teeth erupt in the front of their mouth? This exciting time means lots of changes in your child’s bite as well as their appearance. It’s also a time that we frequently get asked a lot of questions – especially when it comes to what those adult teeth look like. One of the most common questions that dentists get is, “why are my child’s teeth yellow?”

There’s a Great Reason
Baby teeth (primary teeth) are very white in color. It’s just the way they are made. Dentin, which is yellow in color, is the layer of tooth underneath the enamel. Primary teeth have a higher enamel to dentin ratio. As a result, the baby teeth look very, very white.

When the permanent teeth begin to erupt, there is a stark contrast in their appearance compared to the baby teeth. Permanent teeth have a higher quantity of dentin under the outer layer of enamel. Naturally, this makes the teeth look darker. If the permanent tooth is immediately adjacent to a primary tooth, the coloration is extremely noticeable.

my childs teeth yellow
my childs teeth yellow

Do They Need to be Whitened?
Occasionally, some children truly do have darker tooth enamel than normal. Teeth whitening is extremely safe – but we prefer to wait until your child has reached their teen years before recommending it. Why? Because their teeth are still developing. That means the teeth have larger nerves, and the teeth may not be fully erupted into place. Whitening the teeth too early could lead to hypersensitivity and uneven enamel coloration (due to the eruption process.) The teen years are usually the most appropriate time to introduce any type of whitening method.

As your child continues to lose all of his or her primary teeth, they will have a more uniform tooth coloration across their smile. If coloration continues to be a concern, then ask which type of tooth whitening option is most appropriate to use.

If you have any questions feel free to give SEDA Dental a call anytime.  We would be happy to help.

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