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Why It’s Not Wise To Go To A Cheap Dentist

Cheap Dentist

Unlike the past, people today are more concerned about their oral health. They brush and floss their teeth regularly, and also visit dentists for a dental checkup, at least once in every six months. They believe that dental professionals are the most reliable people to entrust their oral care to; however, they don’t know about the fraudulent activities that some dentists are practicing nowadays.

Although, dental scams are not very common; numerous surveys have revealed that a large number of people have been ripped off by unlicensed and unethical dentists. The surveys have shown that most of these frauds are usually performed by those who claim to offer dental services at a cheaper price.

If you too; are very conscious about spending your money on a dentist with high standards, then read on to discover the side effects of visiting a professional that offers cheaper services. You’ll be amazed to know how these scammers are not only providing you with poor services; but are also charging you more than a regular, trustworthy dentist like SEDA Dental.

What To Look For At A Dentist Office

·      Un-sanitized Equipment

The most common, yet the most dangerous hazard of visiting a cheaper dentist is the use of un-sanitized equipment during the treatment. Many dentists fail to provide a healthy, sterile environment to their patients, which later results in gum swelling or bleeding.

Also, the equipment used on your teeth might have been used on someone else suffering from an infectious disease. And if the tools were not properly cleaned and disinfected, then there are chances that you too, may become infected by the disease.

·      Unlicensed Dentists

Government authorities are now becoming more concerned about the increasing rate of dental scams, and therefore; are observing the professionals closely. Statistics have revealed that most of the dental scammers are not even qualified dentists. They are not certified and do not possess a license to practice, or have lost it due to their past infractions. They usually don’t know about the latest techniques that new researches have brought to light. Thus, going to such a dentist, just to save a couple of dollars, is simply a way of putting your health at risk.

·      Upcoding

Another disadvantage of visiting a cheap dentist is upcoding. Fraud dentists have been found to charge their patients for complex and expensive procedures, when in actuality, they only perform simple cleaning or extractions. In this way, your so called cheap dentists prove to be more costly, without even providing you with sufficient services.

·      Not revealing Details to the Patients

Since scammers do not provide proper treatments and make inflated bills only; they usually do not hand over medical reports and X-rays to their dental patients. They are scared that the patient might consult a real dentist and claim a refund, or in worst cases, might report them to the concern authorities.

Health is wealth! Don’t risk the most important asset of your life for a few dollars. Rather, always visit a top quality and reliable dentist to monitor your oral health.

Here at SEDA Dental we pride ourselves in giving our patients a world class dentist visit at all of our South Florida dental offices. To schedule an appointment please call us at 877.987.4321.

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