10 Important Denture Care Tips

When taken care of properly, removable dentures can last for decades. Here are some tips from our Jupiter dentist:

1. Be Gentle With Your Denture

While most tooth replacement appliances are pretty sturdy, you’ll want to be gentler with your dentures.  Dropping them on the floor can cause them to chip or break.  To sit them on a counter, place them over a towel. If you’re brushing your dentures in the sink, first fill the sink with a bit of water or place a hand towel in the bottom just in case you drop them.

Some dentures have a soft lining on the inside. Some partial dentures have clasps that move or are made entirely from a flexible material. If that’s the case with your denture, be sure to brush it gently so that you don’t alter or scratch the base. 

2. Clean Dentures After Eating

Dentures collect germs, plaque and tartar buildup too, just like natural teeth do. Food particles can stick to a denture or get caught underneath the appliance. Cleaning your “plate” regularly will not only keep it germ free, but it’ll ensure that it stays cleaner and free of stain.

After eating, remove and rinse your denture under cool water. If possible, it’s even better if you can brush your appliance after every meal.

3. Clean Your Mouth After Eating

In addition to brushing your appliance, you’ll want to clean your mouth to remove plaque.  Use a soft-bristled toothbrush on any natural teeth. You can even use a brush to clean your tongue, gums, and the roof of your mouth. Or wipe your gums with a clean washcloth. Mouth rinse will help to flush away the remaining food particles and bacteria in your mouth.

At the very least, clean your dentures and mouth thoroughly a minimum of twice a day.

4. Remove Denture Adhesive

If you use denture adhesive inside your appliance, be sure to remove all of the excess each time you clean your prosthesis. 

5. Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Soak dentures overnight in a container containing a denture cleaning tablet dissolved in water. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the particular cleaning solution that you use, as some only take a few minutes to clean.

If the soak isn’t for overnight use, leave you denture in the solution for the recommended time. Then dump the mixture out, refill your container with water, and soak your dentures overnight.

6. Store Your Dentures In A Safe Place

Keep your dentures in a secure area away from pets and small children.  Dogs love to make chew toys out of their owner’s teeth! Cats aren’t innocent either. 

7. Preventing Stains

The easiest way to deal with stains on your denture is to avoid getting them in the first place. 

Stay away from dark drinks like tea and red wine, which tend to stain dentures. Smoking is also not recommended. 

To keep potential stains away from your appliance, remove your plate and clean it after you drink dark beverages like coffee. Also, there are denture cleaning tablets on the market that are specifically for tobacco stains if that is a concern. 

8. Loose Dentures

Over time your denture may start to feel loose.  This is because the shape of your gum tissue changes over time.  Denture adhesives like pastes, powders, or strips may help.  Visit our Jupiter dentist if adhesives aren’t helping. We may need to reline the inside of your appliance give you a more secure fit. 

Don’t overuse dentures adhesives as they can be harmful for you, and loose dentures cause irritation or sores in your mouth.

9. Things To Avoid With Your Denture

Don’t use hard bristled brushes, or abrasive cleaners (gritty toothpaste) on your appliance. If you do, it can damage the acrylic. Also avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, because it can tarnish and corrode metal clasps, acrylic, or framework. Additionally, never use hot or boiling water as it can warp your dentures, especially if they’re made from a softer material. 

10.  Visit Our Jupiter Dentist Regularly

Schedule regular dental checkups for our dentist in Jupiter to examine your appliance. We’ll check that it fits properly and sets right. Then check the inside of your mouth to make sure your tissues are healthy. During your visit, we’ll be glad to professionally clean your denture for you.

Denture Dentist In Jupiter

If you have a denture and it’s been a while since you’ve had it looked at, then feel free to call SEDA Dental of Jupiter.  Our denture team looks forward to helping you any way we can.