Bone Grafting

Rebuild Your Smile Foundation: Experience Advanced Bone Grafting Services at SEDA Dental

At SEDA Dental, we are proud to offer top-notch bone grafting procedures across our seven convenient locations in Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, and Pinecrest, Florida. Our highly skilled and experienced dental professionals specialize in providing customized bone grafting solutions to restore your smile and oral health. With state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques, we ensure a comfortable and successful experience for our patients. Choose SEDA Dental for all your bone grafting needs and enjoy the confidence that comes with a strong, healthy smile.

Dental Implants

One of the top reasons for bone grafting is to prepare the jawbone for dental implants. A strong and healthy jawbone is necessary to support dental implants securely. Bone grafting can help restore lost bone density and create a stable foundation for the implant procedure.

Periodontal Disease

Advanced gum disease,  (periodontal disease), can lead to bone loss in the jaw. Bone grafting can help regenerate the lost bone tissue, strengthen the jawbone, and provide a stable foundation for teeth, preventing further tooth complications.

Tooth Extractions

After a tooth extraction, the empty socket may not heal properly, leading to bone resorption. Bone grafting can fill the socket and encourage new bone growth, preserving the structure and preventing the surrounding teeth from shifting.

Trauma or Injury

Accidents, injuries, or infections can result in the loss of jawbone tissue. Bone grafting is used to repair the damaged area, restoring both function & aesthetics to the mouth. This procedure helps patients regain their confidence and improve their oral health.

bone grafting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bone grafting procedure, and why might I need one?

A bone grafting procedure involves the transplantation or augmentation of bone tissue in order to repair or rebuild damaged or lost bone. At SEDA Dental, our experienced team of dental professionals may recommend a bone grafting procedure to address issues such as periodontal disease and tooth loss or to prepare your jaw for dental implants.

Is the procedure painful?

At SEDA Dental, we prioritize your comfort and use modern techniques and anesthesia to ensure a virtually pain-free experience during your bone grafting procedure. Our compassionate dental team will discuss any concerns you have and walk you through the process to help you feel at ease.

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery time after a bone grafting procedure can vary depending on the individual and the extent of the procedure. At SEDA Dental, we typically see patients recovering within a few weeks, but it can take several months for the bone to fully heal and integrate. Our dental experts will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions to optimize your healing process.

How much does the procedure cost at SEDA Dental?

The cost of a bone grafting procedure at SEDA Dental depends on various factors, including the complexity of your case, the type of graft used, and your dental insurance coverage. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to provide a detailed cost estimate and explore payment options and insurance coverage.

What types of bone grafts are available at SEDA Dental?

At SEDA Dental, we offer various types of bone grafts to cater to our patients’ unique needs. These include autografts (bone taken from the patient), allografts (bone from a human donor), xenografts (bone from an animal source), and alloplasts (synthetic bone material). Our dental professionals will recommend the most appropriate bone grafting material for your specific situation.

Can I get dental implants immediately after bone grafting?

In some cases, dental implants can be placed immediately after a bone grafting procedure. However, this depends on the amount of bone available, the type of graft used, and the patient’s overall oral health. At SEDA Dental, our experienced team will assess your unique circumstances and create a personalized treatment plan that may include a waiting period for the bone to heal before placing dental implants.

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