3 Top Reasons Why Dental Implants Have Gained So Much Popularity 

While dental implants have existed for decades, today’s modern dentistry practices have improved the comfort and durability of this tooth replacement option. Whether you have to replace one or several missing teeth, dental implants provide the most permanent and low-maintenance option available for restoring a natural-looking, fully functioning smile.

Dental professionals who specialize in dental implants provide the best possible results for your unique tooth replacement needs. The dental implant specialists at the seven locations of SEDA Dental in southern Florida have the expertise necessary to ensure that your dental implants restore your smile to a natural appearance and function. By incorporating advanced technology into implant procedures, the SEDA Dental team combines professional treatment with compassionate care from your initial consultation to your final appointment. 

Dental implants can resolve a wide range of problems caused by tooth loss. More than 3 million dental patients in the U.S. have received dental implants to replace lost teeth, a number that increases by 500,000 people every year. Here are the top reasons why people choose dental implants over other tooth replacement options.

Dental implants are the tooth-replacement method closest to your natural teeth

Your natural teeth are anchored to your jawbone by tooth roots. Dental implants form a similar bond by latching on to your jawbone and forming a permanent bond to fulfill the functions of your natural teeth.

Dental implants start with the insertion of a titanium post that is screwed into your jawbone to create an artificial tooth root. A connector, or abutment, is then attached to the top of the artificial root to hold the crown, or artificial tooth. Over a period of three to six months, the process of osseointegration occurs. During this process, your dental implant and jawbone grow together to make a permanent bond that can withstand normal oral functions such as eating and speaking.

While dental implants can restore natural tooth function, they can also provide a replacement that looks natural and matches your remaining teeth. The team at SEDA Dental works diligently to ensure that your dental implants have the right appearance and fit for a perfect smile. 

Dental implants are versatile for many types of tooth replacement

You can enjoy the benefits of dental implants whether you have to replace one tooth or your whole mouth. When replacing a single tooth, a dental implant allows you to maintain the adjacent teeth without changing the structure of those teeth to accommodate the implant. When replacing more than one tooth, you can even place more than one crown on an implant anchor. 

Dental implants can also provide solutions if you have to replace a full upper or lower arch of teeth or both. Dental implants are the basis for the All-on-4® tooth replacement technique, a procedure that replaces all the teeth in your mouth on four dental implants. Just four dental implants anchor multiple missing teeth up to a full upper or lower arch. 

You can even use dental implants as anchors for removable dentures. This gives you much more stability and retention versus traditional dentures and avoids the need for denture plates covering the roof of your mouth. 

Dental implants improve oral health

Dental implants help retain the health of your gums and any remaining natural teeth. When you have a missing tooth, the gap exposes your gum and areas of the adjacent teeth to bacteria. By securely fitting in the gap of your missing tooth, a dental implant reduces the exposed areas, lowering your risk of tooth and gum disease. 

Dental implants provide the most permanent form of dental replacement available. The durable materials used to manufacture dental implants aren’t susceptible to cavities or decay. With a normal dental hygiene routine, you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants for a lifetime.

Dental implants also help maintain the health of your jawbone by restoring artificial tooth roots that provide natural stimulation for jawbone health. When you have natural teeth, the roots in your tooth provide constant stimulation to your jawbone when you chew. This stimulation triggers the release of nutrients that help the bone rebuild itself and stay healthy. When a tooth is lost and not replaced, the gap loses a source of stimulation along the jawbone and makes that section vulnerable to bone loss. 

Find out more about why dental implants are such a popular choice for tooth replacement. If you’re ready to restore your smile, call or send us a message to request an appointment at one of our seven convenient offices.