Crowns vs. Veneers: Planning Your Smile Makeover

Restore Your Smile at SEDA Dental of Boca Raton

Are you embarrassed or self-conscious about the way your teeth look? Does your
enamel look chipped, stained, or misshaped? SEDA Dental of Boca Raton’s smile design team
can help restore your teeth to look their best.

You might be unsure whether porcelain veneers or a dental crowns is best for a smile
makeover. Each serves a different purpose, so it is important to understand the
differences between them before you choose which treatment you want.

Dental Veneers vs. Porcelain Crowns

A beautiful smile doesn’t require you to be a Hollywood star. If you want to improve the
look of your teeth, porcelain veneers or dental crowns are both excellent options. Both
have their own benefits, depending on the things you want to do with your teeth, how
many teeth are involved, and the current health status of your smile.
While porcelain veneers cover the front of your teeth, dental crowns are used to fix deep
cracks and other significant damage while covering the entire surface. Your needs will
determine which option is best, and we will help you plan your care so you can feel
confident with the results.

Benefits of Porcelain or Ceramic Crowns

A dental crown or cap is a restoration that covers your entire tooth. Most crowns are
made of porcelain or ceramic, and they can be matched to your natural teeth. A crown
may be recommended by our dentist for one of the following reasons:

    1. Strengthen Weak or Worn Teeth
      Cracks, chips, or worn enamel could lead to fractures in teeth. Capping a weak
      tooth allows you to keep your tooth longer.
    2. Restore a Damaged or Broken Tooth
      If you have a tooth that’s already damaged by a fracture or large cavity, a crown
      might be the strongest repair option.
    3. Replace Large Dental Fillings
      Multiple fillings, or one large filling inside a tooth, can make it vulnerable to
      fracture at any moment. Covering a tooth entirely will improve its appearance and
      extend its life expectancy.
    4. Help Support a Dental Bridge
      Do you plan to replace a tooth with a bridge? The dental “crowns” at the end of
      your bridge will anchor it to the supporting teeth.
    5. Complete a Dental Implant
      An implant functions like an artificial tooth root. A dental crown on top will make it
      look and function like a natural tooth.
    6. Make Your Teeth Look Better
      Crowns can be used to hide unsightly imperfections like chips, deep stains, or
      rough enamel. A crown may be a good option if you aren’t eligible for veneers.

    Benefits of Dental Veneers

    Although veneers only cover a part of your teeth, they can make a huge difference in
    the appearance of your smile. Cosmetic veneers are a great option if you are unhappy
    about the color or shape of your enamel. Some of the several advantages of dental
    veneers include:

    Instantly Straighter Teeth

    Sometimes called “instant braces,” veneers can make your teeth straighter and
    more aligned without the need for orthodontic treatment.
    Veneers can easily mask minor misalignment issues, such as overlapping, small
    gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, and uneven tooth enamel.

    Veneers Only Take Two Visits

    After your initial consultation and case planning, porcelain veneers usually take
    only two appointments to complete.
    At the first visit, your teeth are adjusted. We take impressions and measurements
    (which we use to make your custom-fitted cosmetic restorations). Finally, the
    shape and color of your new veneers are selected. During the second visit, your
    veneers are bonded in place.

    Boost Your Self-Confidence

    Having confidence in a great-looking smile can make a huge difference in your

    You might feel embarrassed about your teeth and find it difficult to talk in public
    or laugh around friends. Veneers will allow you to smile, laugh, and pose in
    photos without hesitation. You won’t have to hide discolored or uneven teeth any

    Work With a Smile Specialist in Boca Raton

    At SEDA in Boca Raton, our prosthodontist is skilled at designing and planning smile
    restorations like crowns and veneers. Specially trained in the art of making dental
    prosthetics, our prosthodontist will use their skills and training to provide specific
    treatments to ensure optimal function, comfort, aesthetics, and even replacing missing

    With flexible financing options, SEDA Dental in Boca Raton makes it easy for you to
    look your best with our budget-friendly payments. To get your personalized care plan or
    discuss crowns or veneers treatment, schedule a consultation with SEDA Dental of
    Boca Raton. Give us a call today!