Should I Have My Teeth Extracted?

Preserving Your Natural Smile:  SEDA Dental’s Approach to Tooth Extractions

Most dentists will want to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible. But if you are
in pain or have a tooth that cannot be restored, a dental extraction may be

Sometimes, it’s best for your whole smile and the health of the remaining teeth to
remove a tooth. The treatment of therapeutic dental extractions is designed with your
smile’s holistic requirements in mind, and it’s always done with a long-term goal, such
as smile reconstruction or replacement.

There are many options for planning dental extractions and tooth replacement. They
can be simple or more complicated, such as removing wisdom teeth. Most of the time, a
tooth extraction is quick and predictable.


Natural Teeth are (Almost) Always Best

Sometimes, tooth decay or infection can cause irreversible problems, and we will
recommend that a tooth be extracted if it is too damaged to be repaired. The extraction
prevents infection from spreading to nearby teeth and relieves pain and infection from
the tooth.

We recommend that you preserve your natural tooth whenever possible. For instance, it
may be more beneficial to consider root canal therapy or periodontal treatments rather
than having to extract a tooth because of a toothache.

Tooth removal will always create additional space in your mouth, so it’s important to
consider all your options. We’ll try to treat any “problem” teeth before recommending an

If we believe that the tooth can be saved with endodontic or periodontal therapy, we will
inform you of that during your examination. Our Boca Raton specialists won’t force you
to get a treatment that you don’t need or want. We will work with you to determine if an
extraction is the best option for your immediate or long-term situation.


Reasons for Extracting Teeth

If a tooth has become irreparable, it might need to be extracted before further damage
can occur.


These are just a few of the reasons why a tooth removal may be necessary:

● Dental emergencies, trauma, and severe pain
● Teeth that are severely decayed
● Orthodontic therapy
● Wisdom teeth that are impacted or infected
● Full mouth rehabilitation
● Failed root canal treatment

We will discuss what we see on your digital X-rays during your exam and offer
alternative treatments if possible.


If You Have Aggressive Periodontal Disease

Your teeth can become mobile from gum disease and bone loss, and you may feel pain
when you eat. If you have a severe infection, extractions may be your only option. This
step will create a stable environment for faster healing.
Our prosthodontist and our periodontist at SEDA Dental are experts in treating gum
and replacing missing teeth. Soft tissue therapy can be dramatically improved
with our state-of-the-art treatments. Unfortunately, teeth can become so severely
damaged that there is not enough bone to support them structurally. Some teeth may
be impossible to leave in place without causing pain or compromising the health of the
adjacent teeth. We recommend that a tooth be removed if it is affecting someone’s
overall oral health.


Severe Pain or Emergencies

There are many situations that require immediate dental attention, including accidents,
severe toothaches, and injuries sustained during sporting events. While extraction is not
always the best solution, it can be a quick way to relieve pain. After you are stable, we
can proceed with additional steps to restore your smile, such as placing an implant,
bridge, or a removable partial denture.

Plan to Replace Teeth Quickly

Imagine taking your favorite book off the shelf and leaving for a weekend getaway. You
return a few days later to find that the space on the shelf is gone. Instead, books that
are adjacent to it have slid over or tilted into the extra space created on the shelf.
Your smile is no different. It’s only a matter of time before other teeth begin to move
after one of them is removed. Even your opposing teeth may also start to erupt further
out of the gums.
Each tooth plays a very important role in the function and appearance of your smile.
Even if your tooth isn’t visible when you talk or laugh, it can cause the other teeth to drift
out of place once it’s removed.
It is important to preserve natural tooth spacing and biting patterns by replacing
extracted teeth as quickly as possible. At SEDA Dental in Boca Raton, our expert
prosthodontist and periodontist offer everything from dental implants to bridges to partial


Tooth Extractions in Boca Raton

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