Top 5 Cosmetic Dentistry Trends in Jupiter

Cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity among the “average” individual who wants to
improve their smile.
If you’ve ever thought that a smile makeover was out of your price range, it’s possible to
have beautiful teeth that fit your lifestyle. You’ll be happy to know that cosmetic
procedures are becoming more affordable as dental technology and materials improve.
Today’s cosmetic treatments are more durable and provide more long-term self-
confidence, which encourages you to invest in your oral health in the years ahead.
Depending on your specific smile goals and timeframe, each cosmetic treatment has its
own benefits that may be worth looking into. Here are the top trends in aesthetic and
cosmetic dentistry offered at SEDA Dental in Jupiter.


Porcelain Veneers

We can bond several veneers over your visible front teeth (the ones that are in your
smile zone) to quickly enhance your smile. This allows you to instantly change your
tooth color, size, alignment, and shape. Veneers make teeth appear instantly whiter,
straighter, and more attractive. You don’t need braces or an Invisalign tray!
Porcelain veneers have an additional cosmetic advantage due to the way they are
made. Because of their texture and color, porcelain veneers have a more natural look
than chairside veneers
or bonding. This allows you to smile with confidence, even
though it’s not your “real” teeth. To give you the most realistic veneers, we can even
create tiny surface differences to add a natural texture in each one.


Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Custom dental bridges and crowns are two of the most popular restorations for missing
or broken teeth. They each have their own role in maintaining natural chewing and
biting. However, both can also be used together to enhance the appearance of your

Crowns, also known as “caps”, cover the entire tooth up to your gums. They are
restorations that are used to protect the tooth from further decay, breakage, or erosion.
They are strong enough to withstand most everyday wear.
Bridges are used for different purposes than dental crowns. Each end of the multi-tooth
bridge consists essentially of a crown. However, the primary purpose of a bridge is to fill
in the gap caused by missing teeth.
A bridge can help you maintain your normal bite and alignment, enhance your smile
aesthetics, and allow you to chew normally.
A crown will be used if you’re getting a single dental implant. If you have multiple
missing teeth, a pair of implants and a fixed dental bridge are an excellent investment.


Teeth Whitening

You’ll be more inclined to show off brighter, whiter teeth. In fact, social experiments
have shown that whiter teeth make people seem happier, and more likely to be hired
during job interviews. You can think of teeth whitening as an investment in your own
Whitening can be used as a standalone treatment or combined with other cosmetic
services offered by our Jupiter cosmetic dentists. We recommend that you whiten your
smile before any dental work is done on your front teeth. This will allow the new
restoration to match the shade of the adjacent tooth. The entire process of teeth
whitening can be completed in one visit, making it ideal for last-minute events.


Dental Implants

Technically, dental implants aren’t cosmetic, but they look exactly like real teeth! If you
are embarrassed by a missing tooth or can’t smile because of it, implants are the perfect
To make your smile complete again, each implant is finished with a porcelain crown or
bridge (depending on how many teeth are missing). It will not affect your speech or
make your smile look different from the rest of your teeth. Implants are the closest thing
to having a natural tooth again.
The best part? SEDA Dental is home to one of Florida’s leading implant specialists!


Dental Bonding

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your tooth? There’s a quick way to fix chipped
enamel, small gaps between teeth, or uneven edges. Dental bonding can give you a
more uniform-looking tooth in under an hour.
Our SEDA Dental team can bond the affected tooth by covering it with tooth-colored
material. This is similar process to getting a white filling. The procedure fills in any gaps
or discrepancies, giving the tooth a full appearance.


Smile Makeovers in Jupiter, FL

To find the best cosmetic treatment for you, schedule a consultation with our smile
specialist. Our Jupiter prosthodontist is a board-certified expert when it comes to
reconstructive dentistry treatments. With their fine eye for detail, you’ll find the perfect
cosmetic treatment and create the smile of your dreams.

Call SEDA Dental in Jupiter today to request an appointment!