Uneven Gums or a Gummy Smile? We Can Help

People notice your smile first. But is too much gum visible whenever you’re smiling? Are you trying to hide your teeth because of the way they look? Thankfully there are many options to treat uneven gums or “gummy smiles” and get a quick, confident look.

Excess Gingiva (Gum Tissue) Around Teeth 

Gummy smiles are characterized by a disproportional relationship between your teeth and gum levels. It can also be caused by an overactive lip muscle, revealing too much gum tissue when you’re smiling. If your natural teeth are too short or your gum tissue is too prominent, it can distract from the beauty of your smile.

Healthy smiles are dependent on both your teeth and gingiva (or “gums”). Although your gums are delicate, they are vital to maintaining and supporting your teeth and stabilizing their roots. But if your gums are uneven or you have too much tissue, it affects the shape of your overall smile and your self-confidence. 

What Causes Gum Recession?

Your smile can also be affected depending on if there is too little gum tissue. One of the most common problems we see is gum recession or “long teeth.”

Receding gums can occur for many reasons. Periodontitis (gum disease), clenching and grinding, overzealous brushing habits, or using a stiff toothbrush are all common examples. Rapid tooth movement during orthodontic treatment can also lead to gum recession in some cases.

Severe gum recession can lead to uneven looking teeth, tooth mobility, or even tooth loss because of a loss of attachment tissue. To prevent tooth loss, it is important to stabilize the gum tissues and ensure they cover the appropriate amount of tooth structure.

Gummy Smile Concerns

What causes uneven gums or a gummy smile? Gummy smiles can make teeth look short or uneven. Knowing the causes will help you select the best treatment. Here are just some reasons why people have gummy smiles

  • Genetics, such as one parent having a gummy smile
  • Taking medication known for causing gingival overgrowth/hyperplasia
  • Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy and hormone-induced tissue growth
  • Hyperactive upper lip muscles
  • Problems with jaw development or inaccessibility to orthodontic treatment
  • Unusual tooth development, such as teeth that have a different shape or size than normal

Although some people have naturally uneven gums, other people develop them as they age, due to habits, lifestyle factors, and hormonal changes. Sometimes, orthodontic treatment may have pulled teeth together, pushing and squeezing the tissues. This can cause uneven gum lines. Although it may seem natural to visit a general or cosmetic dentist to change each tooth, it’s best to adjust the excess gingival tissues themselves.

Treatment for Uneven Gum Tissues

We offer many solutions for uneven gums and gummy smiles. Each is customized to meet the needs of the individual patient. Some procedures require minimal downtime, while others require up to a week for recovery. Whether you need the assistance of our periodontist or our prosthodontist, our team of dental specialists is ready to find the best option for you. 

Contouring—If the gum tissues are too high around a tooth (covering white enamel or a portion of the crown), it can easily be adjusted to reveal a larger area of tooth. This enhances the natural appearance of the teeth and any upcoming cosmetic treatments. Gum re-contouring is quick and efficient with minimal recovery. SEDA Dental in Boynton Beach can help you decide if this procedure is appropriate.

Grafting—Sometimes, grafting new tissue over an exposed tooth is the best option. This type of gum surgery preserves the teeth and protects them from further damage. There are many types of grafting in dentistry, but the most common ones include taking a small area of soft tissue from another part of the mouth, stretching the nearby tissues to recover the tooth, or placing donor tissue over that space. Our Boynton Beach dentist will discuss the pros and cons of each one as it relates to your situation. 

Cosmetic Dentistry in Boynton Beach

Are you looking for the best periodontist or prosthodontist to treat your uneven gum tissues? SEDA Dental has numerous specialists, including a periodontist (gum specialist) and a prosthodontist (restorative expert). They’re both ready to address all your concerns and questions.

Our dental specialists will examine the cause of your excess gum tissue and determine the best treatment for your smile’s future health.

For more information on fixing a gummy smile, contact our Boynton Beach dentists today.