Which is Better: Implants vs. Dentures

Do you have missing teeth? Restoring your smile can give you newfound confidence,
not to mention the freedom to enjoy a balanced diet. Popular Boynton Beach tooth
replacement options typically include a choice of dentures or dental implants. How can
you know which one is best for you?

Benefits of Dentures

Removable denture options have been popular for years. When you need to replace all
of your teeth at one time, a set of full dentures will seal the deal. Or, if you have healthy
teeth you want to keep, a partial denture will easily snap into place around them.
Dentures are known for their affordability and quick results. They are often the go-to
choice for patients working on a tighter budget or who are saving up for permanent
dental implants.
Getting used to wearing dentures does take some time and practice. You’ll want to work
on speaking in front of a mirror to articulate your words. During meals, you’ll probably
find yourself preferring softer foods or cutting things up into much smaller bites. With
time and patience, removable dentures offer the fast tooth replacement a lot of people

Denture Advantages


      • Fast tooth replacement

      • Affordable, works well for people on a budget

      • Available in full or partial designs

      • Almost everyone qualifies

      • No surgical procedures (unless extractions are required)

    Benefits of Dental Implants

    Today, dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Implants are
    the only prosthesis that’s modeled after natural tooth anatomy, featuring a functional
    “root” that sets into the bone, adjacent to healthy teeth.

    The integrity of dental implants outperforms nearly every other type of dental prosthesis.
    In fact, they’re stronger than natural teeth. Thanks to their integrity, it’s possible to
    replace a full arch of missing teeth with as few as four dental implants.
    Implants can be used for single, multiple, or full mouth reconstruction. And since they’re
    non-invasive to adjacent teeth, they’re a more conservative choice than fixed dental
    When installed, implants promote healthy bone structure and support your facial profile.
    They’re the only restoration that helps to counteract the premature aging that goes
    along with tooth loss.
    It’s worth noting that dental implants do take some time to complete. Mostly because we
    need to allow your bone to integrate with the implant after it’s installed so that your
    restoration will be permanently fused into the jaw. Integration can take 3-6 months,
    meaning the overall process does require more time than dentures. But don’t worry, our
    implant experts can fit you with a temporary prosthesis to wear in the meantime!

    Dental Implant Advantages


        • Permanent

        • Non-invasive to other teeth

        • Comfortable to place

        • Ideal for replacing any number of missing teeth

        • Stronger than natural teeth

        • Most cost-effective tooth replacement option

        • Support healthy bone levels

        • No removable appliances

      Combining Implants and Dentures

      Is it possible to combine removable dentures and implants? Absolutely. Implant
      supported overdentures are one option that blends the convenience of a traditional
      denture with the added stability of dental implants. These removable appliances snap or
      clip onto 2-4 implants, preventing your prosthesis from shifting around throughout the
      day. There’s no need for messy adhesives or fear that your dentures will slip out of

      If you prefer a permanent option, a hybrid denture design (like “All-on-4” implants) is an
      excellent choice. This streamlined restoration follows the full curve of your bite without
      covering the roof of your mouth. And it’s permanently attached to just 4-6 implants
      underneath. You won’t have to take anything out at night.

      Bottom Line: Think it Through

      Figuratively speaking, Boynton Beach dentures tend to be best for people on a budget
      or who need a fast solution for replacing missing teeth. Whereas dental implants
      provide the best long-term return on investment, as they outlast and outperform things
      like dentures, partials, and dental bridges.
      Working with a denture or dental implant specialist in Boynton Beach can help you feel
      more confident about your decision. At SEDA Dental, we treat our patients like family,
      and only offer treatment advice that we would expect for our own smiles.

      Get a No-Fuss, Professional Opinion

      At SEDA Dental Boynton Beach, our team consists of denture and implant specialists
      under one roof. During your consultation, we can discuss the pros and cons of each
      option as it relates to your specific situation. You’ll have all of the information you need
      to make an educated decision about your smile’s future.
      For tooth replacement treatment in Boynton Beach, call SEDA today!